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How can you help?

The Tygerbear Foundation is in constant need of clothes, toiletries and food for traumatised families. If you would like to contribute a parcel with clothes, toiletries, etc, please complete the form below or contact us to deliver the items to the Tygerberg Training and Counseling Centre.

If you would like to lend a helping hand please see below:

Volunteers Application Form, click here

TygerBear Volunteers Tasks, click here

The role of the Teddy Bear, click here

Knitting Pattern for the Tyger Teddy Bear, click here

TygerBear Care Centre Wish List click here

TygerBear Emergency Relief Project, click here


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Please be so kind as to return the completed form to:

Fax:         021 938 5231

E-mail:   tygerbear@telkomsa.net

Adopt - A - Bear

Please support the foundation by purchasing a Tyger Teddy Bear and receive an adoption certificate for your new friend.

These Teddy Bears are bought by TygerBear and sold as part of our ongoing fundrasing initiative.

How can you purchase a Teddy Bear:

* Orders can be placed by e-mail at tygerbear@telkomsa.net or telephonically at 021 931 6717 / 021 931 6702

* Payments can be made in cash when collecting the bears, unless you are a registered TygerBear Teddy Bear agent

* Alternatively payments can be made by EFT and proof of payment faxed to 021 938 5231

* Bank Details: Social Work: Project Fund - ABSA - Branch: Student Bureau -

  Account Nr: 398191617

* Reference: Surname / Name of insitution

The Tyger-Teddies can be viewed and collected at the TygerBear Training Centre on appointment.


TygerBear Training & Counseling Centre, Tygerberg Hospital Grounds

Enter at the main gate and turn left in the first road, 30 meters after the gate (do not continue to the main hospital)

Continue straight for a further 75 meters

Training Centre is face brick building on your right hand side


Should you wish to make a donation to the foundation, our bank details are as follows:

TygerBear Foundation

Absa Bank

Branch: Sanbel

Cheque Account Number: 4057 900 879


Name & Surname: *
Email: *
Contact Number:
Type of Contribution  
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