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Vision, Mission & Goals


To establish an environment in which superior quality psychosocial care services can be rendered to improve the lives of children, their families and the people of the Western Cape in general.


  • To offer an integrated psychosocial service treating traumatised children, their significant others and promoting their rights
  • To create awareness of children's needs
  • To provide for the educational and training needs and to empower all people involved in the care and management of children and adolescents who have been traumatised as well as their families
  • To provide a compassionate and holistic integrated medical and psychosocial service to survivors of rape, attempted rape and sexual abuse in adults, children and their families
  • To provide an integrated psychosocial and support service to HIV/AIDS patients and their significant others.
  • To create an environment and making facilities available to support these services and to promote the prevention of trauma.


  • To provide efficient psychosocial patient care through the medium of individual-, group- and community work.
  • To provide efficient in-service training for staff as well as training of other health professionals in the management of psychosocial care.
  • To do research in order to evaluate and maintain a high standard of service.
  • To maintain an efficient standard of administration and accountability.
  • To establish a unit for traumatised children and their families.
  • To establish a training and counseling centre to deal with trauma.
  • To establish a unit for rape survivors.
  • To   establish   a   psychosocial   support   and   information   centre   for HIV/AIDS and cancer patients as well as the patients who require support and empowerment.
  • To establish a sport centre with a holistic therapeutic approach to traumatised children and contributing to their psychosocial and physical welfare.
  • To initiate special projects based on need assessment and research.
  • To network with other Departments within the Hospital, other service providers, similar institutions and all stakeholders.