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Welcome to the Tygerbear Foundation!


There has been a rising incidence of trauma involving children which necessitated action to empower children, families and other role players to deal with trauma and to prevent it.  Statistics has shown that South Africa has the highest occurrence of sexual abuse and rape in the world, as well as an alarmingly high incidence of HIV/AIDS.

We have therefore devoted ourselves to actively address these societal challenges, and subsequently founded the TygerBear Unit for Traumatised Children and Families in 1998 with Phase 1 – the establishment of a psycho-social service centre. With the completion of Phase 1 in 2000, the TygerBear Unit continued with Phase 2, the erecting of a Training and Counselling Centre. The Centre was fficially opened in 31 October 2002 and has efficiently been maintained with workshops, training and special events.

In 2005 the TygerBear Unit broke ground, literally and figuratively on Phase 3: The establishment of a dedicated survivor’s care centre to provide a psycho-social and care service to survivors of rape, other trauma due to HIV/Aids, Cancer, etc. in children as well as their significant others (family, friends and partners). The need for such a centre has become a priority due to the alarming increase in children’s trauma. After a long and arduous journey the TygerBear Care Centre was officially opened on 6 December 2008.

We were priviledge to launch our Phase 5, MOBI - Mobile Outreach Bear Initiative, on the 4th of December 2009, with her "maiden voyage" during the live FIFA Draw in Loop Street.